Clink FAQ

How do I get started?

Sign up here for early access to be a part of our beta test group. We will be in touch with details when the beta product launches.

Can I buy Clink tokens?

Not at this time, however this is an option we hope to make available in the future. For now, the only ways to obtain Clink tokens are to earn Clink token rewards or to sign up for early access to the beta program. Beta program participants will receive free tokens to help get them started.

How do I clink?

To clink with another user, you both must be within one grid square each other. Both users should open their Clink app on their mobile device and select the clink icon. The Clink app will generate a QR code and activate a QR scanner. One user should scan the other user’s QR code. Once the scan is confirmed, the clink is complete!

When will clink launch in my city?

Sign up for updates and keep an eye out for our user survey. The user survey will help us decide which geographies to launch in first!

How are Clink token rewards calculated?

We are still tweaking the exact formula for calculating the rewards. Generally speaking, if you stake tokens on a grid square you will earn more tokens if there is more user activity at that grid square. When you clink with someone, you will earn more tokens if you clink on a grid square with more tokens staked, and you will earn more tokens if the person you clink with has more tokens staked on them.

How do I earn Clink tokens?

There are three ways to earn Clink tokens:

1) Stake tokens on a grid square. When people check-in on the grid square, or clink with each other on the grid square, you will earn reward tokens.

2) Check-in or clink at a grid square with tokens staked on it.

3) Stake tokens on another user, earn tokens when they clink with other users.

Can I redeem Clink tokens for cash?

Not at this time.

Who is building Clink?

Learn more about the team on our about page.

What are Clink tokens useful for?

Think of Clink tokens as a rallying cry that people should show up to the place where you stake tokens, or as a curation device to tell people that some location is a great place to connect or that someone is a good person to meet. There are always good reasons to get people together, whether you are throwing a block party, giving a musical performance, or you want to attract customers to your business or your favorite bar.

Do Clink tokens expire?

Yes, Clink tokens expire each season (approx. 90 days), however users will receive a reward of tokens at the beginning of the next season based on their activity in the prior season.

Are Clink tokens an investment product?

No! Clink tokens are not designed as an investment product. Because the tokens expire each season, if you attempt to obtain Clink tokens and hold them as an investment you are likely to lose the entire token value.

I have something I want to build on the Clink platform, how to I get started?

We want to hear about your project! Clink’s developer tools are not available yet, but drop us a line here and we can explore how we can work together.