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Introducing Clink

Chad Richman, CEO

August 05, 2020

Introducing Clink: a geosocial network and gaming platform designed to restore magic to the world of in-person social experiences

At Clink we are taking the lessons of the last generation of geosocial applications and games such as Foursquare, Gowalla, and Pokémon Go, and combining them with the transformative potential of open-source blockchain technology to build an imaginative open world.

Find Out Where the Action Is

Clink provides a dynamic social map that shows where social connections are occurring in real time. Instead of taking your chances with the same haunts week after week, let serendipity drive and go to where people are connecting right now! Unlike other services that only curate established venues, Clink’s dynamic map is linked to a 3-meter by 3-meter grid that covers the globe—this means that anyone can find adventure in new and unexpected places. Discover community events, barbeques, artistic performances, house parties, bonfires, political demonstrations, festivals and more.

Gather Your tribe

Clink’s incentive system allows anyone to gather a crowd of people together using our proprietary digital token. Assign, or “stake”, tokens to any grid space to signal that other users should rally at that location. Clink users will earn rewards for showing up and connecting with each other anywhere that tokens are staked.

You can use tokens to populate a dance floor, show off an art exhibit, bring more customers to your business or favorite restaurant, and much more. Attract a general audience to the location of your choice or use special signals to attract users with verified characteristics (such as membership in a particular group, or a high reputation score).

You can move your tokens and use them as much as you want for the duration of a season (about 3 months). Tokens expire at the end of each season, but our rewards distribution mechanics will automatically send you tokens for use during the next season if the locations where you staked tokens attracted a crowd.

Build Reputation & Earn Rewards

Earn tokens by connecting with other users, or “clinking”, at locations with staked tokens. When users clink at locations with tokens staked, our rewards distribution mechanics apportions tokens to them based on the number of tokens staked at that location. Earning tokens this way is simple: you earn more tokens for clinking at locations with more tokens staked. Clink users can also stake tokens on other users to signal that those users have a good reputation for face-to-face interaction. The higher your reputation score, the more tokens you earn by clinking.

Use token rewards for staking or trade them in our upcoming social marketplace!

Play Seasonal Games & Enjoy Third-Party Apps

Each season we will release new social games to add novelty to the in-person social landscape. These games will involve exploring your neighborhood and meeting new people in your community. Token rewards are reserved for distribution to game winners in each season.

Our platform is friendly to third-party developers who want to build their own networking and gaming experiences. We expose all the elements needed to build in our shared universe, including a dynamic map of social activity, infrastructure for delivering location-based content, in-person user reputation scores, location value (by tokens staked), and verified user group affiliations. We imagine these tools being used for everything from location targeted coupons, to digital loot boxes at real world locations, to massively multiplayer augmented reality games.

Come Clink with Us!

The elements we’ve outlined above combine to create an ever-changing landscape full of new opportunities to connect and new ways to explore together. We hope you will join us in launching this in-person social revolution and help create a world where the life we find outside our doors is every bit as magical the life we find behind our screens.

Sign-up today for early access to our beta test and you will receive a free allocation of tokens to get you started. We’ll see you out there!